Updates on PMP Exam

October 26th, 2010

Updates to the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification ExamThe Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential examination will be updated in 2011, based on updates to the professional role of a PMP® recently found in PMI’s Role Delineation Study (RDS).What do I need to know about the changes to the PMP credential and examination?

  • The process for updating the PMP begins with the RDS, which is now complete. Learn more about the RDS.
  • These updates to the role do have an effect on the examination questions for the PMP, and will be reflected in the PMP examination starting 31 August 2011. Regular communications about this change will continue until the PMP examination change on 31 August.


35 hour requirement

September 3rd, 2008

PASS PMP EXAM ON YOUR FIRST TRY FOR ONLY $89.The other online courses requires thousands of dolars for PMP training. STAR-PM asks only $89 for 1 year access to online training.  With this online training you will also fulfill PMI 35 hour requirement.

STAR-PM membership provides PMP online course which fulfills PMI 35 hour training requirement.

Here is what you need to do;

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Our mission is to make you pass PMP Exam on your first try


August 7th, 2008

Pass PMP Exam on Your First Try



STAR-PM recently published PMP Study Book called “STAR-PM, Pass PMP Exam on Your First Try, Online Edition”. STAR-PM membership provides access to the PMP Study Toolkit, which includes the PMP Exam study book “STAR-PM, Pass PMP Exam on Your First Try”, more than 250 practice questions, exercises, workbooks, exam tips, etc.

The book has a very different style and teaching techniques. Often times, summaries of ideas developed in a book or a series of lectures will help the learner understand the material. Readily understanding material is essential to learning and remembering. As passive learners, we remember only 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, and 30% of what we see. When you teach someone else, you retain 70 % of what you teach. When you tell and show someone you retain 90% of what you say and do! STAR-PM considered these facts, and developed PMP study materials in an appropriate fashion. The material in this book is explained with;

*       No confusing words,

*       No long paragraphs,

*       Tables,

*       Figures,

*       Simple, easy to understand language

*       Examples

*       Memory triggers

*       Practice exercises

*       Color techniques

*       Repetition

The STAR-PM has developed study material which will help candidates to remember the required material easily. STAR-PM principles are:

*       Giving the right amount of information with the right structure

*       Giving the information in an organized and structured manner

*       Using simple language and memory techniques

*       Not only giving the study material but also providing techniques on how to pass the exam

This book stresses the topics and concepts frequently appear on the PMP Exam. Most of the information in this book is presented with the tables and figures such as differences between project closure and contract closure, differences between Quality Control and Quality Assurance since you will encounter too many questions as such.

If you want to have a one-stop study guide, the most comprehensive, most up-to-date, proven, and effective PMP resource, become a STAR-PM member today and take the very important first step to pass the PMP Exam.

For additional information, please visit www.star-pm.com. You can also take a look at  free demo to decide for yourself.


STAR-PM is a Toronto, Canada based company founded by Esra Guven in 2005. STAR-PM provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date study material for PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam aligned with Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Third Edition. STAR-PM mission is to make you pass PMP Exam on your first try. STAR-PM is dedicated to being the first to provide the best study material with best teaching techniques. STAR-PM also offers PMP Certification training in North America and Europe provided by PMP top scorers.

Esra Guven, PMP
Director, STAR-PM